The Himalayan Sacred River Tour

June 2 to June 20, 2019

An eighteen-day intensive tour of India that will introduce you to Hindu culture and traditions in the magnificent Himalayas of Northwest India. This trekking tour follows along the sacred river Ganga from pilgrimage towns on the plains up to its glacial source in the Great Himalayas and back.  We walk ancient pilgrimage routes with Hindus from all parts of India. We visit temples, dance to ritual drums in a remote Himalayan village, practice yoga and meditation in meadows surrounded by massive snow-capped peaks, interact with wandering world-renouncers, stay in a summer palace on the banks of the sacred river, receive a private performance of classical Indian music, learn ancient Vedic chant, participate in the fire rituals and massive gatherings in devotion to the river goddess, shop for Indian clothing in the bazaars, raft the whitewaters of Rishikesh, and partake of Ayurvedic massage.


o deepen your experience of the Indian Himalayas and thier great cultural diversity through mindful travel.

To expand your awareness of spiritual traditions, practices, architecture, art, literatures and lifestyles of India.

To have an unforgettable, fun, challenging, eye-opening, and life-changing experience amidst some of the most spectacular mountain peaks on the planet.

Tour Leaders:

Daniel Meckel is Associate Professor of Asian Studies and the Psychology of Religion at St. Mary's College of Maryland (a public honors college). He is also a practicing psychotherapist in Washington DC.

Scott Sater is a teacher and Director of Bands in Shakopee, Minnesota. His passion an avid trekker with extensive eperience of the Indian Himalayas.

Susan Wilkinson is a seasoned and certified yoga instructor.





The Himalayan Village of Anidasu
After trekking to this remote location, we stay overnight in tents.
In the evening, villagers come to hang out with us by the temple grounds.
We build a bonfire. Bajgi drummers play. Younger villagers sing Garhwali songs
and teach us the traditional dances.







Gangotri is a pilgrimage town at eleven-thousand feet, nestled into peaks in the Upper Himalaya on the banks of the Bhagirathi Ganga.





The capital city of India and our point of entry and final departure. Before departing, we will have the opportunity to . . .



Projected cost of the tour is $4000 plus airfare. This covers lodgings, ground transportation, expedition services, travel insurance, and most meals. It does not cover immunizations, visa, personal expenses, or medications.

Please see our refund policy and payment schedule.

For more information, contact Daniel Meckel

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