The Three Bodies:

1.    Gross (physical) body (asana) – sthula sharira (physical body+karma)

2.    Subtle body (pranic body) – sukshma sharira (senses, breath, energy, intellect)

3.    Causal body – karana sharira (Innermost body, link to the universe).  

Sense of ego, observer, witness


The Five sheaths

Physical/food sheath (annamaya kosha)  Skin, bones, muscles, etc.

Energy sheath (pranamaya kosha) – (subtle body) Breath, circulation, movement of fluids (lymph).   Manifests a universal vital energy that animates the physical body. 

Mind sheath (manomaya kosha) – (subtle body) Thoughts , opinions, and emotions.  Senses.  Pain and pleasure. Sleep switches off. 

Wisdom sheath (vijnanamaya kosha) – (subtle body)  Intuition. Visceral.  Discernment, self-awareness, insight.  Ability to direct your own life, act reflectively and with wisdom, rather than act on impulse. (not sure about this – will). (IĠd leave this out to simplify? Reflects the light of the self.  For example, your awareness of emotions, desires, motivations, lead to greater agency, ability to act with intention and so not be moved unreflectively by emotion, impulse.  To act morally.)

Bliss sheath  (anandamaya kosha) – (causal) Wholeness.  Integration. Communion.  Pure and radiant, bliss body.  Selflessness.  A sense of unity with all beings.  Flow. [most yourself when least aware of yourself] (IĠd leave this out  Pleasure and rest. )