Religions of India Study Tour:
A Passage to India

June 6-25, 2015


St. Mary's College of Maryland announces the Religions of India Summer Study Tour for 2015. A 20-day encounter with four of India's major religious traditions:




The Goals of this Intensive Experience of Indian Cultures and Religions:

To deepen your knowledge of India (and by extension the world) and its great cultural and religious diversity

To expand your awareness of religious world views, practices, architecture, art, literatures and lifestyles

To give you a sense of the interaction of Indian religious traditions in history and the present

To have an unforgettable, fun, challenging, eye-opening, and life-changing experience.



Daniel Meckel (right) is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at St. Mary's. He specializes in the religions and cultures of India and does ethnographic research in the Indian Himalayas. Scott Sater (left) is a teacher and Director of Bands in Shakopee, Minnesota. He is an avid trekker with extensive experience in the Indian Himalayas. Together, Scott and Dan have led multiple tours to India for St. Mary's students.

Cristin Cash is Associate Professor of Art History and Director of Boyden Gallery and the Fine Art Collection. She teaches courses in the Art and Architecture of the Americas from ancient times to the present, World Architecture and Museum Studies. She has led study tours to Honduras and Peru and participated in an NEH Summer Institute in India in 2012.



Shopping in
Delhi Bazaars


Mughal Architecture


Tomb of Sufi Saint
Hazrat Nizam ud-din


Presentations on Buddhist Philosophy
Guided Meditations

Tibetan History and Culture

Temple of Tsuglag Khang
Residence of His Holiness
The 14th Dalai Lama



Sacred City of the
Sikh Religion


Golden Temple


Durgiana Temple
(To Goddess Durga)

Haridwar and Rishikesh

Stay in River-Front Palace of Former Hindu Raja
Private Performance of Indian Classical Music

Grand Puja to the River Goddess
Instruction in Yoga and Vedic Chant
An Audience with Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

The Himalayan Village of Anidasu



Overnight in the Hindu Village of Anidasu
Traditional Singing and Dance
Local Gods and Religious Practices



The cost of the tour is $3600.
Cost of air travel can vary based on fuel tax

This covers airfare, lodgings, ground transportation, travel insurance, several meals, and tuition. It does not cover immunizations, visa, personal expenses, or medications. Payment schedule to be announced. An initial payment of $500 is due at the time of application. This payment is non-refundable once the student is accepted on the tour. The tour is limited to twenty-one students, with a minimum of fifteen.

Students will register for the study tour as a four-credit course that meets ELAW requirements. We will meet four times (for two hours at a time) prior to departure. After returning, each student will write a ten-page reflection paper. The paper will be due before the end of the summer. Students will keep journals throughout the adventure.

For more information, contact Daniel Meckel; 240-895-4464

To apply for the tour and reserve a space,
download the application form here

Please refer to the Office of International Education for their application and pre-tour requirements.