Transformative Journeys India

Application for The Himalayan Sacred River Tour,
May 17-June 1, 2019


When you complete the application below, you will be booking with Transformative Journeys India, LLC.  Business owners are Daniel Meckel and Scott Sater.  We work with Garhwal Himalayan Exploration Company of Rishikesh, India, and are partnered for this 2019 summer tour with Evolving Yoga, LLC.   We are absolutely thrilled to have Ann Hunt with us on the tour to guide our yogic practices and share the adventure. We're also thrilled that you’re interested in coming with us!   As you can imagine, for us to provide this experience effectively, we need (and want) to inform you as fully as possible of the kinds of conditions, experiences, and risks involved on the tour.  We also need to protect ourselves from liability for harm or damages that are beyond our control.   So we’re sorry for the paperwork hassle that follows, but we guarantee that it is infinitely worth it!


There are four forms to fill out to book a place on the tour. To simplify the process, these three forms are combined into a single PDF document that you can print out, fill out, and send out -- either by regular mail or as a digital attachment to an email message to If you choose this latter option, please type "Application for HSRT" on the subject line of your email message. Either way, we will confirm by email that we received your application. We do the same when we recieve your deposit (see below).

(.pdf file)

These are the four forms included in the application document:


1.    Application and Acknowledgements Form
This form asks for basic contact and passport information, insures that you are aware of the payment schedule & refund policy, the requirement to have travel insurance, passport and visa. It also indicates the possibility of changes to the itinerary owing to various circumstances beyod our control. You will need to attach a copy of the photo page of your passport to this form.

2.    Acknowledgement of Conditions and Risks Form
While there are many comforts on this trip, there are also periods of long mountain travel, as well as potentially stressful geographic and environmental conditions.  There are risks that come with traveling on the northern plains and in the Himalayan regions of India.  As a condition for coming, please read the Conditions and Risks page linked here before you complete this form.

3.    Waiver, Release, and Indemnification Form
To go on the tour, we require that all participants read and sign this form.


4.    Questions
A few questions to help us anticipate your needs.




Payment of the $1000 deposit can be made by check or PayPal.    If by check, please make it payable to Daniel Meckel and write “HSRT 2019 DEPOSIT” on the memo line.  Please send the check to Daniel Meckel, Box 66, St. Mary's City MD, 20686. by PayPal, click here. Please do not check the box next to the words "Paying for goods or services?"


We look forward to receiving your application!