"The tour with Scott and Dan was one of the most exciting experiences of my life so far. This trip offered endless opportunities for deep cultural immersion and pushing my personal boundaries, as well as some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Both Scott and Dan have endless love for India, and their passion and knowledge of the culture and land made this tour an invaluable experience. Under their guidance, I always felt safe and well cared for. This tour is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to add a little more adventure to their life."

-Alyssa Leventer, 2018


“The Himalayan Sacred River Tour was the experience of a lifetime! To be able to see the amazing views of the Himalayan mountains, to follow the sacred Ganges river to its source, to participate in Hindu ceremonies/arthis as the sun sets in a busting Indian city, to experience a private sitar concert while dressed in traditional Indian garb – these are just some of the things I will never forget about my trip to India!  For anyone who enjoys trekking or hiking, religious experience, spirituality, connecting with other people, or just about anything good in life, I would highly suggest partaking in this trip!”

-Ben Ertman, 2017


“I am so blessed to have gone to India with Scott and Dan in 2007 and again in 2008. Words cannot describe all the sensations such an adventure has to offer from the exotic smells, the colorful fabrics, the spicy flavors, the beautiful terrain and breathtaking mountain views! Most of all, I was humbled to have shared wordless conversations with locals, to have shared deep spiritual moments among strangers, to have shared naan with the locals and walked incredible trails alongside the tour mates and the wonderful people of India! Scott and Dan are not only two of my favorite people of all times but they are great travel companions who will challenge you to open your heart, pallet and eyes to this new adventure!”

-Liana McQuain, 2008


“I traveled to India with Dan and Scott in 2012 and it was truly a trip of a lifetime.  I cannot imagine trying to plan a trip or navigate India without these two. Dan and Scott have been to India so many times, they know families there, they know the language, the culture and religion. They know what restaurants are safe to eat at and which ashrams and villages are welcoming. In our time there we did yoga at an ashram, met and chatted with Sanyasis, we hiked the Himilayas, stayed in a tiny mountain village that you cannot get to by road (a prime example of an experience you probably would not get to have without Dan and Scott) and we went to countless temples. But don’t worry, we did not “rough it” it the whole time! We also stayed at nice hotels, went shopping and even dressed up in sarees and attended a classical music performance. The sights you see and the people you meet truly are life changing. India has a way of doing that on its own but Dan and Scott really bring something special. They are knowledgeable and experienced but they are also just great, fun guys! I promise you will have some great conversations with them, you will learn a lot but you will also laugh a lot! If you are planning a trip to India, do not do it without these two!”

- Suzanne Ford, 2008

The trip was magnificent! Scott and Dan guided the tour with knowledge and kindness. There was an initial culture shock that I experienced but Scott and Dan, as well as the rest of the tour group, were immensely friendly and reassuring. The tour visited a rich diversity of places. From bustling cities to breathtaking mountainsides of the Himalayas, I felt that I was exposed to so many of the unique landscapes that make up India. In the cities we visited, such as Delhi, Rishikesh, and Haridwar, our days were filled with exciting religious excursions. We visited temples, met with swamis, worshiped with locals at artis (a sacred Hindu fire ceremony), bathed in the holy Ganges river, and gave offerings of puja. I enjoyed immersing myself with the local people and seeing first hand the emotion that is wrapped into their religious expression. We were also given free time during the days to explore the cities in small groups, dine in restaurants, and shop. Indians were overwhelmingly welcoming and we struck up conversation anywhere we went. I learned so much from the locals who conversed with me and I did not find language to be a barrier. The hotels we stayed in were very comfortable, clean, and safe. The food was amazing and the employees were polite and charming. On the outdoor stretches of our trip we got to see a very different side of India. Away from the crowded, colorful cities were stoic mountain peaks and dazzling views of the Ganges river. We trekked by foot for many hours per day and were led by an amazing expedition crew. This crew helped transport our luggage, cook our delicious meals, and set up our waterproof tents each day. They also monitored the trails closely to make sure we remained together and that the path was safe at all times. Although it was tiring, the physical labor was well worth the experience. I have never witnessed such gorgeous landscapes in all my life. The snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas look like something from a fairytale. We camped in green meadows surrounded by roaming horses and cows. We camped in a remote village where we were greeted by curious children who played with us for hours.  Each day was an indescribable experience. I cannot imagine a more intriguing travel program. India is bursting with vibrant culture and stunning landscapes. The local people are genuine and happy to invite tourists into their world. Dan and Scott work their hardest to make this trip accessible, fun, and enlightening for people of all walks of life. If you want to fall asleep on a gently rocking train as you pass through Delhi, or come face to face with a holy cow on a jam-packed suspension bridge, or feel the rush of a hailstorm at 13,000 feet elevation, or stand on the steps of an ancient temple singing hauntingly beautiful hymns that have been sung for centuries, or eat the most mouthwatering gulab jamun- then this trip promises to deliver above and beyond.”

- Sally McFadden, 2017


“Scott and Dan are both great guides and traveling companions. My trip to India with them was unforgettable both because of the places we visited and the people they introduced us to along the way. From the streets of New Delhi to the mountains of the Himalayas, street performers and gurus you'll experience an adventure of a lifetime.”

- Jake Eikenberg, 2008



“The time I spent in India with Dan and Scott changed my life forever. The many sights, sounds, smells, and tastes I experienced in India are unforgettable. I love to travel and am usually reluctant to sign up for an organized tour in fear of getting lost in a sea of tourists being herded from one destination to the next. That could not have been further from the reality of the trip I took with Dan and Scott. I would have never had the same profound, unique, and authentic experiences without their many years of experience in India. We connected with people whose lives were so different from our own, and saw some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes the world has to offer. I overcame many physical and mental challenges during the trip that have made me a stronger and more compassionate person. From the long remote hikes to the bustling cities, from the searing hot days by the Ganges river to the freezing cold mountain nights, from spiritual moments to exquisite food, I often reminisce on the incredible experiences we had. I hope to go back to India one day, but I know nothing will ever compare to the experience I had on the trip lead by Dan and Scott.”

- Ali Leonardi, 2012