Therapeutic Services

The Clinic of the Washington Center for Psychoanalysis offers psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy by highly trained, licensed mental health professionals. The Clinic is composed of individual private practices and treatment is conducted in clinician offices located throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area. Our clinicians offer expertise in treating a great range of problems, including difficulties in relationships, low self-esteem, depression and anxiety, grief and loss, Many of our clinicians offer sliding scale fees.

What is psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis is an intensive and extended form of therapy with the aim of binging about long-lasting change in oneself and one's life. Psychoanalysis entails four to five sessions a week. (learn more about psychoanalysis)

What is psychotherapy?

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy also aims at bringing about long-lasting change and is also supportive and helpful in working through immediate crises. It entails less frequent sesions at one to three three times a week. (learn more about psychoanalytic psychotherapy)


How to Make an Appointment

You can contact us by telephone or email for more information and to make an appointment. Our therapist on call will be in touch by phone within 24 hours to learn more about you and the problems and concerns that are leading you to seek help, and to facilitate an initial appointment with one of our clinicians. The initial appointment will typically entail a thorough evaluation and recommendation for treatment. You will have the opportunity throughout the process to ask any questions and express any concerns that you might have.

To contact us by phone and leave a confidential message, call (202) 337-1617
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