Imagination, Memory, and the Sacred

Class Policies

Participation” means the following:

(1)  wakeful presence

(2)  preparation of reading assignments

(3)  active involvement in class interactions

(4)  punctual arrival at the beginning of class

(5)  having the assigned text and/or printed article in hand (running out of pay-for-print does not justify coming without the text)

(6)  completion of all in-class writing assignments

(7)  keeping of any appointments made outside of class. 


Lack of any of these will affect the grade, excessive lack is reason for dismissal from the class. Participation will be evaluated after the last class before Spring Recess and at the end of the class.  For this purpose there will be two participation scores.

Attendance is required, though I will allow two free days-off during the semester.  Without regular attendance, students do not tend to do well in the class.  A note from a doctor, dentist, coach, or funeral director will render any absence excused.  The note is due to me within one week of the absence.  Without such a note, of after the one-week period, the absence will not be excused.  Please note that a phone call or email message saying that you are ill is not sufficient, nor is a note from the health center confirming an appointment. Leaving class early will result in an absence.  Each unexcused absence results in a 20-point reduction from the final score. 

Website, Online Syllabus, and Computer Failure. 
This online syllabus can be accessed through the Blackboard course page but I recommend that you bookmark it so as to bypass BB when it goes down.  Computer failure is not a valid excuse for a late assignment.  If you have a broken or unreliable computer, you can use the computers at the college.  The syllabus is my best projection of how our time will be organized.  I might alter the assignment schedule as appropriate or necessary.

Academic dishonesty
in any form -- including plagiarism of self or others, falsified documentation of a doctor
s note, etc. -- will not be tolerated.  Cheating of any kind results, without exception, in an F” for the course.

Food in class:
Class is not the place to have a meal.  Very quiet snacks are acceptable.

Electronics in the class:  

Š      Use of cell phones and smart phones is not allowed in the classroom at any time.  Please turn off or silence them at the beginning of each class period.  Anyone who is seen texting will be asked to leave the classroom and will be counted as absent for that day.  Continued use is grounds for dismissal from the class.

Š      Use of computers and readers is not allowed in the classroom at any time, unless the student is authorized through student services to use one as a result of a disability.  The reason for this policy is the widespread misuse of computers in class when allowed.  The reduced cost in using downloaded texts does not outweigh this problem; plus it is important for students to be able to make notes and marks in their texts.


Š      Students are responsible for checking the online syllabus and their email every day.  I will announce any and all changes via email -- e.g., a changed deadline or altered reading assignment.

Š      I do not accept any assignments by email unless I have indicated in the syllabus that the assignment should be sent by email, or we have made prior arrangements.