Imagination, Memory, and the Sacred

Portfolio Assignment


The portfolio will help me to grade holistically, taking into consideration the overall trajectory in the level and quality of your work.  The 75-point score will reflect the apparent care that went into creating the portfolio, and the apparent thoughtfulness that went into your integrative reflections.


The contents of the portfolio should be hole-punched and bound in a ring folder with rings large enough to enable easy page-turning.  Organize the contents into the following sections, divided by labeled tabs:


1.    Table of Contents

2.    Summary and Questions pages for all reading assignments.

3.    Theoretical Reflections (3)

4.    Self-Study  Assignments (4)

a.    Place the final self-study assignment (#4) at the beginning, followed by the two questionnaires and then the dreamwork essay.

5.    Integrative reflections – two parts:

a.    For this section, please compose a set of broad reflections on what you take to be the major insights (if any) that you have gained from the readings and discussions.  Be specific about authors and works.   In your reflections, consider the implications for your life outside of academia.  There are no right answers and absolutely no need to seem more positive than you actually feel about the materials and the class.  Minimum 300 words.

b.    Evaluate your own work in the class.  How do you think you did in listening, presenting, reading, and writing?  What would you do differently?  (Please reserve your evaluation of the class itself for the ICES).  Minimum 300 words.



Please place your portfolio in the box outside of my office (MB 104)

Be sure to include a piece of paper with your address on it, so that I can send the portfolio to you.