Summary and Questions Assignment:


This should be done for each reading assignment on the syllabus that is followed by an SQ number in brackets.  The summary and questions should include one or two single-spaced pages on which the student summarizes -- separately and in the studentŐs own words -- the central points of the reading.  Please number each central point and sub-point. After the summary page there should be a separate page with three of your own discussion questions.  These must not be factual questions.  Each question should be written to lead a discussion into a deeper consideration of the reading.  Label the first page at the top with your name and the exact reading title, taken from the syllabus, followed by the SQ number.  If the reading is a selection from M&B, please label the assignment with the major sub-headings.  All of the summary and questions assignments must be in print, single-spaced with 12-point font and 1Ó margins.


Please bring a hard copy of the SQ to class on the day of the assignment.  I will give them back to you so that you can include them in your portfolio.