Self-Study Assignment 4:

God and Family



This assignment does not assume belief or disbelief.


Develop an analysis of your own experience/notion of God .  Draw from your responses to the God Questionnaire and the Family Questionnaire as well as any further information from your own experience.  In this analysis, use Winnicott’s object-relations theory to elaborate the psychological connections between your family relationships and your experience and representation of God.  Be sure to create a table within your essay in which you put statements about God side-by-side with statements about family members.  Be explicit about the theoretical assumptions you are using and apply the theory as fully and accurately as you can, using the notions of holding environment, transitional objects and phenomena, mirroring, and true & false self.   You need not reproduce all of the information from your responses to the two questionnaires; instead, use the information when appropriate to the analysis.  Be sure to tend to the specifics of the God-image and your notion of God (including whether you believe in God or not). 



The essay should be no less than 2000 words, excluding the table.  Please note that this assignment is worth 100 points.  Submit your completed assignment to me via Google by the due date given on the course syllabus.