Theoretical Reflections Assignment 2:

Fantasy in Dreams and Fairy Tales


This assignment is intended to help you deepen your understanding of the function of fantasy in the dreaming of dreams and hearing of fairy tales. 


The Assignment:


Drawing on Freud and Bettelheim, write an essay in which you compare the fantasy process in dreams and fairy tales.  How are they different/similar with respect the context and function of fantasy?   Illustrate with your own dream (from the first SS assignment) and one of Bettelheim’s analyses of a fairy tale in the second section (In Fairy Land) of The Uses of Enchantment.  If you disagree with Freud and Bettelheim, make an argument for your own point of view.



In total, the paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length (3-4 pages).  It should have 12 pt. font, double spacing, and pagination.  Be sure to use citations (with page number when possible) of any text you choose to reference. 
Please submit the completed assignment to me via Google.  Name your document as follows: 
[your name] TR1


Check the syllabus for due date.