Theoretical Reflections 2:

Meaning and Motive in Divine Possession


This assignment is intended to help you deepen your understanding of Obeyesekere’s interdisciplinary approach to the use of symbols.


The Assignment:

Drawing from Medusa’s Hair:

(1) Compare the case of Abdin to any one of the priestesses not studied in class.  Using Obeyesekere’s theoretical framework, explain why one individual is successful and the other not in the use of possession (as a symbolic form) to achieve personal and social integration. 

(2) Then identify the major theorists & theories behind Obeyesekere’s approach and offer your evaluation of the way he brings them together.



In total, the paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length (3-4 pages).  It should have 12 pt. font, double spacing, and pagination.  Be sure to use citations (with page number when possible) of any text you choose to reference. 
Please submit the completed assignment to me via Google.  Name your document as follows: 
[your name] TR2


Check the syllabus for due date.