Theoretical Reflections 4:



Having completed the God and Family assignment, develop a set of objective reflections on how each of the three approaches (studied at the beginning of class) produces a different kind of knowledge and perspective on your own case.   Your reflections should be divided into the following four sections: (1) Explanatory–reductive; (2) cultural-interpretive;  (3) religious-integrative; and (4) comparisons.  For sections 1-3, be sure to do the following:


1.    Summarize the approach and the major theory that exemplifies that approach

2.    Identify in some detail and specificity the information from your case that is drawn upon for this approach and theorist

3.    Reflect upon the nature and value of the specific perspective produced by the theory with respect to your own life

When you have completed number 3, compare the specific perspectives in terms of their relevance and value for you.



In total, the paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length (3-4 pages, double spaced).   Please submit it to me via Google.   Check the syllabus for due date.