Introduction to the Study of Religion

Graded Assignments



STUDENT NUMBERS are used for grading quizzes and exams.  Here is the table of student numbers.


QUIZZES: There will be five 20-minute quizzes.  Missed quizzes cannot be made up.  I will count your top four quizzes toward the final grade point tally. 

Questions on a quiz can cover anything from the reading assignments, videos, discussion, and lectures that followed the previous quiz, and from the readings for the day of the quiz.  Quizzes will usually consist of short answers and definitions.  My own lecture outlines as well as “terms and questions” will be posted on the “Study Aids” page of the web site to help you prepare for class discussions, quizzes and exams.  A quiz cannot be made up if missed, whatever the reason.

How to Write a Good Quiz


MIDTERM AND FINAL EXAMS: The content of these exams and my criteria in grading them are described in the links below.

 About the Midterm Exam

About the Final Exam

Final Exam Essay Questions

VIDEO WORKSHEETS: You fill these out in class during a video.  Here I am looking for you to use the opportunity to watch/listen actively and anchor your knowledge through writing.  Worksheets gain full points so long as the student gives as much as s/he can in responding to the question(s). 

RESPONSE PAPERS: These writing assignments give you the opportunity to explore your thoughts about a brief reading relevant to the tradition that we are currently studying.  All readings are from Eastman, The Ways of Religion.  Fifteen assignments are posted.  You may choose ten of them.  If you write on more than ten, I will count your top ten scores.  Assignments will receive full points (20 each) if (1) the paper is turned in on time (2) it is well written and proofed for errors, (3) it reflects and accurate reading of the assignment, (4) it reflects a thoughtful reaction to the reading, and (5) it meets the minimum page limit.  In other words, you need not stress about these assignments and can develop your thoughts freely.  Papers must be turned in by the due date indicated on the syllabus, no late papers will be accepted.

Follow this link to the Response Paper Assignments



PARTICIPATION: Participation” means (1) wakeful presence, (2) preparation of reading assignments, (3) active involvement in class interactions, (4) punctual arrival at the beginning of class and to appointments, and (5) completion and collection of all in-class writing assignments.  Lack of any of these will affect the course grade, excessive lack is reason for dismissal from the class.