Terms and Questions:

Mircea Eliade:
History and Sacred Time



1.    In illo tempore

2.    “The terror of history”


1.    What does Eliade mean in saying that archaic peoples attempt to abolish time?  Why do they do it?

2.    What is the significance of “that point beyond time when the world began”?

3.    In archaic traditions, how and why are rituals especially important in relation to creation myths?

4.    With the emergence of Judaism and Christianity, we see a new religious outlook that alters the whole equations of archaic religion.  Describe.

5.    How is a God of history different from the archaic god(s)?

6.    How is sacrifice different in archaic context as compared to Judaic context?  Illustrate.

7.    How does the story of Jesus differ from the mythological stories of archaic traditions with respect to history and the relationship between humanity and God?