Terms and Questions:

Mircea Eliade:
The Sacred and the Profane



1.    Sui generis

2.    Phenomenology

3.    The sacred (pace [according to] Eliade)

4.    The profane (pace Eliade)

5.    Phoebus Apollo

6.    Hierophany

7.    Cosmos

8.    Archaic religions / people


1.    What does Eliade mean in referring to religion as sui generis and what are the implications of this for the study of religion?

2.    What are the challenges to us, as modern, “scientific” individuals, in studying the archaic worldview?

3.     How might someone of an archaic tradition attempt to pattern profane life after the sacred? Illustrate with examples.

4.    How is cosmos related to the sacred?

5.    Describe the general experience reflected in archaic attitudes toward the sacred