Terms and Questions:

Hinduism: The One and the Many


1.    The Hindu notion that there is "one" God:  How would you say that it differs from the notions of God’s “one-ness" in the monotheistic traditions of the West?

2.    What is the origin of the term “Hinduism” and how might the term be misleading to an unsuspecting student?

3.    How would you characterize the problem of the “one and the many”?

4.    What does Eck mean by “the polytheistic imagination”?

5.    Eck writes: “The day to day life and ritual of Hindus is based not upon abstract interior truths, but upon the charged, concrete, and particular appearances of the divine in the substance of the material world  Based on your own experience, how does this apply or not apply to other religious traditions, say Christianity or Judaism? 


1.    Hinduism