Terms and Questions:

Notions of Divine and Ultimate Reality



1.    Polytheism

2.    Pantheism

3.    Monism

4.    Dualism

5.    Monotheism

6.    Sky Gods

7.    Axial Age

8.    Transcendence

9.    Henotheism


1.    Describe the nature of Sky Gods.  What is the connection between the emergence of Sky Gods and the issue of transcendence vs. immanence?

2.    How does the Mother Goddess contrast with the Sky God?  How is the goddess an ambivalent figure in religious history?

3.    What is the axial age and how is it important with respect to the history of religions and, in particular, the notion of divine and ultimate reality?

4.    Describe the different notions of the divine as they emerged in Indian history

5.    What is the central issue in Hindu monism and compared with that of monotheism in the Abrahamic traditions?

6.    How do the Abrahamic traditions, Judaism especially, introduce a new orientation to the sacred and history?

7.    How do the Abrahamic traditions compare to the Hindu traditions with respect to their orientation to the sacred and history?