Equus, Act 2


This exercise is meant to help you prepare for class discussion.

What is the nature of Dysart’s suffering and how does his treatment of Alan bring this suffering to a crisis point?  Does he change by the end of the play.  Develop your thoughts from Jung’s perspective.



Additional questions to consider for discussion and your papers:


pp.75-76  What does Dysart mean in saying that it is as though the horse is saying “”first account for me”?


pp. 77-78 What is Mrs. Strang’s position on the causes of Alan’s disturbance?  Does she portray Dysart’s assessment accurately?


pp.80-83  What does Dysart mean by “taking away someone’s worship”? How does this apply to Alan?


pp.92-98  What did the incident in the cinema mean to Alan?  What significance did it have in the events that ensued?


pp.104-106 What is the significance of the horses’ eyes to Alan?