Midterm Exam

Jung’s Psychology of the Soul


You are invited to write an essay in response to each of the four questions below. Write as much as you want but please observe the minimum word-lengths.  Be sure to draw directly from Jung’s writings, using citations (Jung, date, a pages for first citation; date or ibid when citing a text previously cited).  Use quotes very sparsely if at all.  When possible, give consideration to Tacey’s reflections.  The exam is worth 150 points total.


500 word minimum (30 points each)

1.    How do Jung’s childhood experiences of his two personalities, the underground god, and his fantasy of God’s defecation on the church, relate to his psychological thinking in adulthood? 

2.    Drawing from his early essay on “Two Kinds of Thinking,” describe Jung’s unique approach to religion and its place in the modern and archaic worlds.  

3.    How does Jung’s notion of the “autonomy” of the unconscious bear upon his understanding of religious experience?

1000 word minimum (60 points)


4.    Construct an Jungian analysis of the following characters in Davies’ Fifth Business:

a.    Dunstan and Boy

b.    Mrs. Dempster and Mrs. Ramsay

In your analyses, assess the manner and extent to which each character develops psychologically, being sure to define your terms carefully.  Give close consideration to the concepts of persona/shadow, anima/animus, and the integration of consciousness and the unconscious. Compare the characters along these lines (Dunstin with Boy, Dempster with Ramsay).

Please submit your essays as one document to me via Google drive at any time before class on March 6.