Jungs Psychology of the Soul
Spring Semester 2016

Course Outline:

Week One

Format and Dates

Readings and Assignments

Readings are due for the day
on which they are listed


      Jung Reader (JR)

      How to Read Jung (HTRJ)

      Memories, Dreams, Reflections (MDR)

      Blackboard document (BB)





Jan. 20: Introduction to the subject matter, course-requirements



Jan. 22: Introduction to the Person and Ideas of Jung


      Palmer, Michael.  Introduction: A short Biography [BB]



The Structure of the Psyche

Week Two

Jan. 25: Snow Day
Jan. 27: Primary Text

      JR, ch 1: Basic Postulates of Analytical Psychology S1

Jan.  29: Lecture and Discussion


      Palmer, The Structure of the Psyche [BB] S2




The Role of the Unconscious and the Dark Side

Week Three

Feb. 01: Primary Readings

      JR, ch 2: The Role of the Unconscious S3

      JR, ch 6, pp. 155-160: Phenomenology of the Self; sections on the ego and the shadow S4

Feb. 03: Lecture and Discussion


      HTRJ, ch 5: The Dark Side in Individuals and Nations

Feb. 05: Tutorials





Jungs Autobiography: A Plural Psyche

Week Four

Feb. 08:  Primary Readings



      MDR, chs 1-3 S5

Feb. 10: Lecture and Discussion


      HTRJ, ch 3: The Underground God

Feb. 12:  Tutorials




Mythos: Dream, Symbol, and Image

Week Five

Feb. 15:  Primary Readings




      Armstrong, Karen.  Mythos and Logos, from the Preface to The Case for God S6

      Jung, C.G.  Concerning Two Kinds of Thinking, From Psychology of the Unconscious. S7

Feb. 17: Lecture and Discussion


      HTRJ ch 1: The Language of Dreams and Symbols

Feb. 19:  Tutorials




Jungs Symbolic Approach to Religion

Week Six

Feb. 22:  Primary Readings


      JR, ch 9: Psychology an Religion: The Autonomy of the Unconscious S8

Feb. 24: Lecture and Discussion


      JR, ch 10:  Preface to Answer to Job: Lectori benevolo S9

Feb. 26:  Tutorials





Week Seven

Feb. 29:  Primary Readings


      JR, Archetypes, Introduction pp. 137-142; and ch. 5, On The Concept of the Archetype S10 (both selections together)

Mar. 02: Lecture and Discussion


      Palmer,  God as Archetype of the Collective Unconscious [BB] S11


Take-Home Midterm Posted Today

Mar. 04: Tutorials



Sunday, Mar. 06 :  Take-Home Midterm due by 12:00 PM (submit through google)



Week Eight

Mar. 07: Video


      No assignment

Mar. 09: Lecture and Discussion


      Palmer, God as Archetype of the Collective Unconscious.  Discussion of chapter sections that follow the summaries of the archetypes.

Mar. 11: Tutorials




Week Nine


No Class (Spring Recess)





The Spiritual Problem of Modern Individuals

Week Ten

Mar. 21: Primary Reading


      JR, ch. 8: The Spiritual Problem of Modern Man S12

Mar. 23: Lecture and Discussion


      HTRJ, ch. 9: Secular Society and the Perils of the Soul

Mar. 25:  Tutorials




Ego and the Unconscious in the Stages of Life

Week Eleven

Mar. 28: Primary Readings


      JR, ch. 3: The Stages of Life S13

      Jr, ch. 4: The Relations between Ego and the Unconscious S14

Mar. 30: Lecture and Discussion



April 01:  Tutorials




God as Archetype of the Self

Week Twelve

April 04: Reading


      Palmer, God and Individuation [BB] S15

April 06: Class canceled due to all-college meeting


April 08: Tutorials



Week Thirteen

April 11: Discussion: Individuation and Self


      Discuss JR ch. 4 (S14) and section on Individuation in Palmer, God and Individuation (S15)

April 13:  Discussion: God and Individuation


      Discuss section on God, individuation and the Self in Palmer, God and Individuation (S15)



Jungs Autobiography:
Break with Freud / Encounter with the Unconscious

Week Fourteen

April 18: Discussion: Break with Freud


      MDR: ch. 5 S16

April 20:  Tutorials


April 22: No Tutorials (Meckel away at conference)




Week Fifteen

April 25: Discussion: Encounter with the Unconscious


      MDR: ch. 6 S17




Psychology East and West


April 27: East and West


      JR, ch. 12: The Difference between Eastern and Western Thinking S18

April 29:  Tutorials




Friday, May 6th, 9:00 AM to 11:15:  In-Class Exam - in our usual classroom.


The exam can cover any of the major topics of the course, including the following:


1.    Psyche, soul, and psychic reality

2.    Two ways of thinking

3.    The structure of the psyche

4.    Collective unconscious

5.    Archetypes:  Persona, shadow and projection, anima-animus

6.    Self

7.    Individuation

8.    The image of God

9.    Differences between East and West

10.Psychic energy (libido) and the principles of opposites, equivalences, and entropy.



13.The spiritual problem of modern man

14.Autobiographical reflections: experiences of childhood, Freud and Jungs break with him, Jungs encounter with the unconscious.

15.Jungs critique of Christianity




May 10:  Papers and Portfolios due by midnight

Please send paper via Google, place portfolio in the box outside of my office, MB 104