Religion and the Life Cycle


Summary, Reflection, and Questions [SRQ] Assignment: 

An SRQ should be done for each reading assignment on the syllabus that is marked with “S[#]”.  The summary should include the following:


1.   One or two single-spaced pages on which the student summarizes the central points of the reading, separately and in the student’s own words (full sentences).  The summaries should capture all of the main points of the reading and include sub-points that are indented.  Be sure to avoid merely listing topics without indicating the substance of each point.

2.   An additional single-spaced page on which the student writes the following:

                                              i.     One’s own thoughts and reflections on the reading, based on whtever in the reading strikes you the most

                                            ii.     Two discussion points that make reference to specific passages in the reading.  Please be sure that the points are not simply factual questions.  If you ask a question, please be sure that you state your understanding of the passage as best you can before stating the question. 


Please label the first page of each assignment at the top with the exact reading title, the SRQ#, and your name – all on one line at the top of the first page. Name your document as follows:  [your last name] SRQ#.  Summaries are due before class on the day of the assignment.  Please submit them to your google docs folder titled SRQs.  I will accept a late summary for one week after the due date at half points, after which I will not accept it.   In class, have your summary and three discussion points in front of you, either on a tablet or in hard copy.


Excerpt of a good summary



Take-Home Essay Assignments:


These take-home essay assignments give you the opportunity to exercise and synthesize your knowledge of the course readings and lectures, and to further develop your own thinking on specific topic.


Take-Home Essay 01:  A Religious Dimension of Human Experience


Take-Home Essay 02:  Autobiographical Assignment



Integrative Reflections

a.  For this section, please compose a set of broad reflections on what you take to be the major insights (if any) that you have gained from the readings and discussions.  Be specific about readings.   In your reflections, consider the implications for your life outside of academia.  There are no right answers and absolutely no need to seem more positive than you actually feel about the materials and the class. (minimum 500 words)

b.  Evaluate your own work in the class.  How do you think you did in listening, discussion, reading, and writing?  What would you do differently? (minimum 300 words)