Religion and the Life Cycle

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Religious Dimensions of Human Experience



William James

Week One

Aug 28:  Introduction to the Course

What is Religion?


Aug 30:  Religious Experience”



Š      William James, Circumscription of the Topic [BB] [SRQ01]

Sept 01:  (continued)




Paul Tillich

Week Two

Sept 04:  No class (Labor Day)


Sept 06: Faith and Ultimate Concern


Š      Paul Tillich,  What Faith Is [BB] [SRQ02]

Sept 08: (continued)




David Tracy

Week Three

Sept 11: Limit Experiences

Š      David Tracy, The Religious Dimension of Common Human Experience and Language [BB] [SRQ03]


Sept 13: (continued)


Sept 15:  What is Religion?


Š      Clark, What is Religion? [BB]





Erikson’s Whole Life Perspective



Erikson’s Theory

Week Four

Sept 18:  Erikson’s Eight Stage Theory


Essay 01 posted


Š      Wright, Left-Handed Knowing [BB] [SRQ04]

Š      [Recommended] Erik Erikson, Relevance and Relativity in the Case History, in C&S


Sept 20: (continued)

Š      Erik Erikson, Human Strength and the Cycle of Generations,  pp. 111-134 (A schedule of Virtues);  pp. 152-157. [BB] [SRQ05]

Sept 22:  (continued)



Bergman’s Wild Strawberries

Week Five

Sept 25: Wild Strawberries, by Ingmar Bergman



Essay 01 due today
(submit to google doc file by midnight)


Autobiography assignment posted today


Sept 27: (continued)





Sept 29:  No class (prof at conference)



Week Six

Oct 02: Dream Analysis 1: The Clock, the Coffin               and the Corpse


Š      Wild Strawberries, pp. 23-55 [BB]


Discussion Questions 1
Due before class today

Oct 04: Dream Analysis 2

Š      Wild Strawberries, pp. 55-82 [BB]


Discussion Questions 2

 Due before class today


Oct 06: Tucking up


Š      Wild Strawberries, pp. 82-95 [BB]


Discussion Questions 3

Due in class today




Week Seven

Oct 09: No class (Fall reading days)


Oct 11: Erikson on Dr. Borg’s Life Cycle





Š      Erikson, Reflections on Dr. Borg’s Life Cycle [SQR06]

o   All of Section I  (pp. 1-17)

o   Section II, parts 4-6 (pp. 22-28)

Review the life-cycle chart on p. 22; and summarize pp. 23-28 only.





Religion and Childhood




Oct 13:   Childhood Experience and

                  the Virtues of Hope and Will


Š      Erikson, C&S CH. 7, section 1 [SRQ07]

Š      Wright, Becoming as Children  [SRQ08]



Week Eight

Oct 16: Toys and Reasons

Š      Erikson, Toys and Reasons (C&S), C&S Chapter 6 [SRQ09]

Oct 18: Signals of Transcendence in Childhood



Š      Wright, The Religious Dimension, pp. 148-164 [SRQ10]

Oct 20: The Formation of the Image of God


Š      Rizzuto, “Object Relations and the Formation of the Image of God” [BB] [SRQ11]


Week Nine

Oct 23: Religion and the Imagination


Š      Pruyser, Forms and Functions of the Imagination in Religion [SRQ12]

Oct 25: (continued)



Oct 27:  (continued)

Essay 02 posted







Mid-Life Religiosity





Week Ten

Oct 30: Midlife, limitations, and Meaning



Š      Erikson, C&S, Ch. 7, sections 6 & 7 [SRQ 13]

Š      Fuller, Values and Midlife Transitions
[SQR 14]




Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning



Nov 01: Experiences in a Concentration Camp


Frankl, Section I, [SQR 15]

Nov  03:  Logotherapy in a Nutshell


Frankl, Section II, [SQR 16]



Week Eleven


No class: Meckel at Conference

Essay 02 due by Nov 11, first light
(submit to google doc file)





Maslow’s Religion, Values and Peak Experiences


Week Twelve

Nov 13: Transcendent Experiences

Š      Maslow, Chs. 1-4 [SRQ 17]


Nov 15: The Farther Reaches of Human Nature

Š      Maslow, Chs. 5-8 [SRQ 18]

Nov 17: Mysticism


Š      James, Mysticism [SQR19]



Week Thirteen

Nov 20-24: No class  (Thanksgiving break)

Essay 03 posted





Old Age



Week Fourrteen

Nov 27:  Iris (1)


Š      Erikson, C&S, Ch.  7, section 8 [SQR20]

Š      Fuller, Aging, Dying, and Integrity, pp.  74-81
[SQR 21]

Nov 29:  Iris (2)


Dec 01: Hope, Integrity and Wisdom in the face of death


Iris Discussion Question 1






Iris Murdoch and the Film Iris

Week Fifteen

Dec 04:  Discussion of Iris and Borg


Essay 03 due by Dec 04, first light
(submit to google doc file)


Iris Discussion Question 2



Š      Fuller, Ibid., pp. 81-86


Dec 06:  Confronting Death and Dying – Kubler-Ross



Š      Fuller, Ibid., pp. 86-91


Dec 08: Beyond the Life Cycle?


Š      Fuller, Ibid., pp. 91-95