Autobiographical Assignment





This writing assignment includes two sections:


I. Life Narrative

Compose a narrative of your life from birth to the present.  Organize your writing with sub-headings that name the way you see your life as dividing out so far and be as descriptive as possible.  Be sure to spend some time on your first few years, as best as you can, and on your early and mid teens.  But be sure to use divisions that make sense in light of your own personal history and entail transitions from one period to the other.


In writing , be sure to describe the external changes but give equal emphasis to (a) your internal world (strengths, weaknesses, sense of self, struggles, achievements) and (b) your relational world. 




II. Reflections

When you have completed the narrative, write on the following questions:


1.    How do the sections of your life fit together to form a whole?   Does one lead naturally into the other?  Are the sections integrated in some way?

2.    How do the life changes that you describe articulate with life changes in others?  If you can and are comfortable with it,  talk to family members, especially parents, to find out what their lives were like at your points of transition.  Can you identify internal and external transitions that happen in tandem to your own? Do these changes (yours and your parents) articulate with life changes in your grandparent’s lives?   Anyone else?



Assignment minimum length: 8 pages