Take Home 01: A Religious Dimension of Human Experience


This assignment invites you to get closer to the perspectives that we have studied in class thus far by using them to reflect on three inevitable aspects of life.


The three aspects:

1.    Transition – transition-points at which we move from one phase of life to another, such as from college to whatever is next, from being single to marriage, from adulthood to old age.

2.    Loss  -- sometimes expected because early and sometimes as expected because of old age.

3.    Death (yours) -- We are aware to varying degrees at different points in life.  


The written assignment: Develop your thoughts on the potential religious dimensions of a personÕs, perhaps your, experience of each aspect of life. Be specific about life situations and personal reactions. Draw throughout and as fully as possible on the central ideas about religious experience that we have studied in class thus far:  James notion of religion, TillichÕs notion of ultimate concern, and TracyÕs notion of limit experiences.  Be sure to offer your own explanation of each notion, and use each to reflect on the three aspects of life.


Please compose at least 1000 words on each aspect, a total of 3000 words, double-spaced with 12 pt. font.   Use no more than two lines for your title on the first page.   Paginate but please do not use a header.  The essay is due by the end of the day on September 25th.   Submit to your google doc file.