Essay 02:


This assignment invites you to get closer to the perspectives that we have studied in class thus far by using them to reflect on the impact of early childhood experience on religious life.



The written assignment:  Compose a dialogue between Erik Erikson and Paul Pruyser in which they discuss the following question:  What role does the imagination play in adult religion and how does early childhood experience lay the foundation for this role?   Be sure to draw from Erikson’s summaries of the first life-stage crisis and his essay on toys and reasons.  Mention the fort-da game.  Also be sure that Pruyser (in your dialogue) draws on Winnicott explicitly, and make explicit use of the “three realms.”   Use at least two examples of a religious tradition or individual.  Draw out the differences and similarities between the two thinkers.


Please do not waste any text on niceties, hellos, good-byes or unnecessary interactions – e.g., “my name is Erik,” “how’s your mother,” “please sit down, you must be very tired,” “where’d you get those shoes?”  Stay in voice throughout.


Your dialogue should be at least 2500 words, double-spaced with 12 pt. font.   Use no more than two lines for your title on the first page.   Paginate but please do not use a header.  See the online syllabus for the deadline.   Submit to your google doc file titled “Essays.”