Essay 03: Religious Dimensions of Mid-Life


The following two essay quiestions invite you to get closer to the perspectives that we have studied in class thus far by using them to reflect on religion and mid-life:


1.    Compare EriksonÕs understanding of the emergence of Generativity in midlife with FranklÕs understanding of the formation of meaning.   How does each understand the sources of these two qualities?  How are they similar?  What do Erikson and Frankl have to offer to one another in these matters?

2.    Compare MaslowÕs and JamesÕ understanding of mystical experience.  Critique each from the otherÕs point of view.  How might each contribute to an understanding of mid-life.


Please compose at least 1500 words on each question, a total of 3000 words, double-spaced with 12 pt. font.   Use no more than two lines for your title on the first page.   Paginate but please do not use a header.  The essay is due by first light of December 4th.   Submit to your google doc file.