RELG 380: Take-Home Midterm Exam


Please write a 750-1000 word essay on each of the following questions:


1.     Dirks argues that caste in India is a modern phenomenon, a product of the historical encounter of India and Western colonial rule.  Develop your own evaluation of this claim.  Be sure to summarize Dirks position clearly and include your thoughts on how GandhiÕs and AmbedkarÕs attitudes towards caste do or do not support DirksÕ argument.

2.     Develop your thoughts on the role of Hinduism in GoraÕs notion and dedication to Bharatvarsha.  In the process, compare Gora in this respect to Poreshbabu.  Finally, discuss how GoraÕs perspective changes when he learns that he was not born a Hindu.

3.     In the voice of Mohandas Gandhi, write a critical reaction to the central message of TagoreÕs Gora.