Extra Credit Map Assignment

(20 points)


Download the map titled “extra credit map” from the Map Exercises section of the Blackboard site.


Clearly label each of the following features on the map:




1.    Brahmaputra

2.    Ganges

3.    Indus

4.    Yamuna (Jumna)

5.    Godavari

6.    Narmada


Geographical Areas

1.    Deccan

2.    Gangetic Plain

3.    Thar Desert

4.    Himalayas

5.    Eastern and Western Ghats



Bodies of Water

1.    Bay of Bengal

2.    Indian Ocean

3.    Gulf of Mannar

4.    Arabian Sea

5.    Andaman Ocean


Neighboring Countries

6.    China (indicate area of Tibet)

7.    Bangladesh

8.    Pakistan

9.    Afghanistan



12.Andaman Islands

13.Sri Lanka



You can look at the map in Acrobat for more detail of the topography.  Please be sure to put your name and section number on the map itself.



This map exercise is due at the time of the final exam.