Response Papers


Please compose a 2 page paper in which you respond to one of the assigned chapters from Religions of India in Practice.

The paper is due on same the day as the reading assignment

Late papers will not be accepted

In your paper, be sure to do the following:



1.     Summarize briefly what you take to be the main points of the reading

2.     Describe what strikes or interests you in the reading and how you react to it

3.     Develop three questions, based on the reading, that will lead you into a deeper knowledge of the tradition



I will evaluate the papers according to whether they reflect (a) an accurate reading and (b) some serious reflection about the reading.

Papers that do both will receive full points (20).


Please note that I do not provide written feedback on these assignments, except for occasional comments. I read them all but because there are so many throughout the semester, the assignment is not meant to be a context for close evaluation of your work.

Rather, the purpose of the assignment is to provide you with a venue to work out your thoughts and anchor your learning of the traditions.


Papers will receive either a 0 (no points), (14 points) or √+ (20 points).


Each paper should be 2 full pages long (typed), double-spaced with 12 point font and 1 margins. At the top of the first page, on the same line, type the following:

[Your name -- RIP chapter title]. Start the paper on the next line.

It should be well written and carefully checked for spelling and grammatical errors. Avoid
Any papers that are less than two full pages will receive 14 or 0 points or