Terms and Questions

The Aryans, Ecstatic Visions, and the Fire Sacrifice


1.      Indra, Vrtra, and Agni

2.      Rta

3.      Purusha Sukta

4.      The Varnas

5.      Shruti

6.      Soma

7.      Veda

8.      Four Samhitas



1.      Describe three creation myths in the early Vedas and how they can be interpreted?

2.      What was the purpose of the sacrifice in the early and late Vedas?

3.      What is the significance of ecstatic visions in early Vedic religion?

4.      How do the Samhitas relate to the rituals of the Brahmins?

5.      How did notions of the effectiveness sacrifice change during the time of early Vedic religion?


All quizzes and exams can draw on your knowledge of the timeline, as given on the website for The Story of India and in class, the information given in The Story of India website and accessed through the Galleries,  your ability to pinpoint all relevant geographical locations on the map, and your recognition and basic understanding of primary texts studied in class.