Terms and Questions

Early Vedic Tradition (both lectures)


1.     Indra, Vrtra, and Agni

2.     Rta

3.     Purusha Sukta

4.     The Varnas

5.     Shruti

6.     Soma

7.     The Four Samhitas

8.     Rigveda

9.     Brahmanas

10.  Rishi



1.     Describe the Purusha Sukhta and its significance

2.     What was the purpose of the sacrifice at the beginning of the early Vedic period?

3.     How does the understanding of the sacrifice and its effectiveness change during the early Vedic period?

4.     What is the significance of ecstatic visions in early Vedic religion?

5.     How do the Samhitas relate to the rituals of the Brahmins?

6.     How is the entire body of Vedic texts corganized?

7.     Describe the two central dimensions of early vedic traditions