Religions of Ancient India






In Class Writing: these are in-class writing exercises for the purpose of anchoring your knowledge through active use of the information that you get from lectures, films and readings.  They will always receive full credit so long as they show that you are taking advantage of the opportunity and using them to learn.  I use these exercises and the graded quizzes (see below) because of research that shows convincingly that frequent quizzes are very effective in helping with recall. Also, they give me a chance to see how and whether each student is grasping the material.  Each student begins the semester with full points for the in-class exercises and I deduct two points if the assignment is either not done or dramatically incomplete. 

Graded Quizzes: There will be four 20-minute graded quizzes worth 50 points each.  Questions on a quiz can cover anything from the reading assignments, video, discussion, maps, lectures that followed the previous quiz, and from the readings for the day of the quiz.  Graded quizzes will usually consist of short answers and definitions.  Several quizzes will include image identification. My own lecture notes and lists of terms will be posted on the “study aids” page of the web site to help you stay prepared for class discussions, quizzes and exams.  Missed quizzes receive no points. A quiz cannot be made up at any other time, regardless of the reasons for missing it.


Map Exercises: These two assignments require you to get familiar with the geography of the Indian sub-continent, including its especially sacred locations and features.  They will be graded for accuracy.  Elements of the exercise will show up on exams.


Summary and Reflections Papers: These assignments invite you to summarize the main points of specific readings and reflect upon them in your own way.  They are described in the Assignments section of the website.


Video Worksheets: You fill these out in class, during a video.  Again, I am looking here for you to use the opportunity to watch/listen actively and anchor your knowledge through writing.  Worksheets gain full points so long as the student gives a much as s/he can in responding to the question(s).

Midterm and Final Exams: The content of these exams and my criteria in grading them are described on pages linked to the “Assignments” page of the course website.