Field Paper Assignment:

Trip to the Shri Shiva-Vishnu Temple in Lanham, MD


This assignment requires you to make close observations at the Shri Shiva-Vishnu Temple and then reflect upon those observations.  The assignment has three parts:


1.    Create a narrative of your experience at the temple.  In this narrative, be sure to include:

a.    A detailed description of (1) the main shrine to either Siva or Vishnu and (2) one other deity

b.    Your overall observations of visitors and their various activities in the temple

c.    Your observations of priests and their activities in the temple

2.    Give a detailed description of puja as you observed it happening.  Be sure to characterize the different interactions between humans and deities in appropriate terms – e.g. puja, prasad, darsan, murti, etc.


3.  Describe your personal reaction to what you saw and heard in the temple.  What did you learn and what are your questions (include at least three)?


The paper should be no less than four full pages in length, double-spaced with 1 margins and 12 pt. font. 
Please see the syllabus for the due-date. 
All thoughtful and well-composed papers will receive full points.