Terms and Questions

Arya and Yajna:
Early Veda


1.     Indra, Vrtra, and Agni

2.     Rta

3.     Purusha Sukta

4.     Soma

5.     Veda

6.     The Four Samhitas

7.     Yajna

8.     Arya


1.     What are the two theses regarding the Aryans and where they came from?Why is this important to people?

2.     What is George Dumezilís theory regarding the Aryan formulation of society?

3.     Describe the two central dimensions of early Vedic religion as presented in class

4.     What was the purpose of the yajna in the early and late Vedas?

5.     What is the significance of ecstatic visions in early Vedic religion?

6.     How do the Samhitas relate to the rituals of the Brahmins?

7.     How did notions of the effectiveness of the yajna change during the time of early Vedic religion?