Terms and Questions

The Aryan Worldview and Society


1.     Arya

2.     Indra and Vrtra

3.     Purusha Sukta

4.     Hymn of Origins

5.     Shruti

6.     Veda

7.     Shakas

8.     Rigveda

9.     Four Samhitas

10.  Varna

11.  George Dumezil

12.  Twice-born castes



1.     Who were the Aryans and where did they come from?  Why is this an important question for present day India?

2.     What kind of knowledge do we have for the Indus Valley Civilization and how does it differ from what we have for the early Aryans?

3.     How do the Samhitas relate to the rituals of the Brahmins?

4.     How is the entire body of vedic texts organized?

5.     Describe the trajectory of the Aryans migrations into and within the subcontinent