Terms and Questions:

Yoga 2: Patanjali’s Eight-Limbed Yoga




1.    Yama (five)

2.    Niyama (five)

3.    Asana

4.    Pranayama

5.    Pratyahara

6.    Dharana

7.    Dhyana

8.    Samadhi

9.    Chakra

10. AUM





1.    How do the early phases of Patanjali’s system of yogic practice compare to the early steps of Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path?

2.    Describe the eight-limbs of yoga

3.    Describe the yogic esoteric anatomy and its notions of energy (as presented in class)

4.    What is the relevance of AUM to yogic practice and according to which two metaphors is the chanting of AUM conceptualized?