Terms and Questions

The Indus Valley Civilization and the Aryans


1.      Indus Valley Civilization

2.      Arya

3.      Harappa

4.      Vedic religion

5.      Proto Siva

6.      Rishi

7.      Indo Aryan

8.      Dravidian


1.      Which came first, Indus Valley or Aryan civilization? Why does it matter?

2.      What kinds of things do we know and not know about the Harappan Civilization?

3.      What are the two central dimensions of early Vedic religion?

4.      How have the historical interactions between these two cultures informed present-day Hinduism?

5.      Who were the Aryans?i.e., what were they like, where did they come from, what did they speak, how did they practice their religion, etc.?

All quizzes and exams can draw on your knowledge of the timeline (as given on the website for The Story of India and in class)
and on your ability to pinpoint all relevant geographical locations on the map.