About the Brain Basics Exam

The Brain Basics exam will focus on
(A) four chapters fromCarter (chs. 1-3, 8),
(B) two chaptes from Livingstone (1 & 2).

Here are some materials to use in preparation:

Lecture outline and notes from Carter:


Ch. 1: Neuroanatomy and Functional Localization

Also be sure to study brain imaging (6 types), neurotransmitters (know at least five and be able to say something about them), and the box on evolution and the brain.


Ch. 2: The Great Divide: The Right and Left Hemispheres


Ch. 3: Sub-Cortical Powerhouse: The Limbic System


Ch. 8: Higher Ground: The Cerebral Cortex


The exam will be divided into (1) definitions and identifications, (2) short answer, (3) long answer. 
The exam will take about one hour.


Bring Blue Books