Discussion and Paper Assignment for Mark Salzmanís

Lying Awake


For Discussion on Sept. 5:

For the purpose of discussion in class, and to stimulate your thoughts as you compose your paper, please be prepared to asdress the following questions:


  1. What kind of contemplative, inner religious life do the nuns at the Carmelite monastery attempt to cultivate?


  1. How would you describe Sister Johnís religious life and experience before the onset of her epilepsy, during it, and after her surgery?


  1. What role to you think her personal history plays in her religious life?


  1. How does Sister John experience and understand her dilemma when she learns that she has a medical condition?


  1. How would you counsel her respect to (a) whether she should have the surgery, (b) the connections between her condition and her religious life, and (c) how she should respond to the changes she experiences after the surgery?



The Writing Assignment:

Compose an essay in which you fully characterize Sister Johnís religious and personal dilemma and then offer your perspective and advice directly to her, after she has had her surgery.


Due date is Sept. 7.Please leave a hard copy in the tray outside my office (AA110C) by 3:30 PM.


The most worthwhile papers will be rich in detail drawn from the text

and they will offer well-reasoned reflections rather than mere opinion.

The paper should be a minimum of four full pages in length with 12 pt. font and 1Ē margins.