Integrative Essay 3




The Assignment:

In her book, In a Different Voice, Carol Gilligan argues that men and women construe moral issues in different waysMen tend to operate according to an ethic of rights and integrity, women operate according to an ethic of intimacy and care.In your essay, please do the following:


1.     Spell out Gilliganís understanding of these two ways of moral thinking as thoroughly as you can, drawing from a close reading of Gilliganís chapters 4 & 6 (please use citation thoroughly, without quoting a lot) (3-4 pages)

2.     Formulate and explore the ethical issues involved in arranged vs. love marriage from the standpoint of each way of moral thinking described by Gilligan.Draw from Bumillerís chapter for your case material.Do you think either way is more appropriate to the Indian cultural context? (5-6 pages)


The essay should be 7 to 10 pages long, double-spaced with 1Ē margins, 12 pt. font, and page numbers.A hard copy of your essay is due in class on November 15.Please do not send the essay to me by email.


In grading the essays, I will consider

1.     The fullness and accuracy of your presentation and use of Gilliganís viewpoint,

2.     The fullness and accuracy of your use of the Bumiller chapter, Marriage First, Love Later.

3.     The care with which you develop the two perspectives on the issue of arranged marriage