Writing Assignment 1:

A Letter to Your Children


Imagine that you have a son and/or daughter who is about to enter adolescence. Because you will soon be leaving on a journey that will prevent you from having contact with your children for the next 10 years, this will be your last opportunity to help your children deal with the changes they will experience in moving from adolescence to adulthood. Compose a letter to your son and/or daughter before you depart.The aim of the letter is to provide useful knowledge and guidance in their journey toward adulthood. Mention the major life changes that will take place and be sure to emphasize the following three issues:

1.      Who you (the child) could become and what to avoid becoming;

2.      The most important relationships you will have and what to avoid;

3.      What your future life as an adult could be like, positive and negative


You may address the letter to either a son or a daughter, or you may address it to both.The letter should be 3-5 pages long, typed, and double-spaced. No title or cover page is necessary, but please remember to put your name on it.


This is an opportunity to begin exploring your own assumptions about adulthood and putting them into words.Later you will reflect further on them, but for now, try to write spontaneously and donít worry about whether your words are right or wrong.Just write what you think.

The assignment is due in class on Friday, September 1