Writing Assignment 8:

Identity and Gender

Please consider the following:

In popular and theoretical discourse about “coming of age,” Westerners tend to think of growing up in terms of identity formation (as we have seen).  When we talk about developing an identity, we usually stress at least two emerging qualities in the person:


1.     Uniqueness – a mature person is, and sees his/herself as, a separate and unique individual, distinct among others.

2.     Independence – a mature person is an independent thinker (i.e., rational, clear headed) and thus able to make good decisions and act on them without being derailed by emotion (i.e., in response to the ups and downs of personal relationships). 


Now, please compose a response to the following questions:

1.     Do you assume these features of identity in your own thinking about coming of age? How is this reflected in your own life?

2.     Do the above-mentioned features of mature identity apply equally to men and women?  Base your response on life experience.

Your paper should be no fewer than three full pages long, 12 point font, double-spaced, typed.  The assignment is due in class on Wednesday, November 8.