Wild Strawberries, Discussion Questions for pages 55-81


Please prepare the following questions:


1.      How would you characterize the marital relationship between Berit and Alman?  How do these characters function in the script with respect to Marianne and Borg?

2.      How would you describe Borg’s mother?  Does her character influence the way in which you understand the others in the film?

3.      Dr. Borg’s second dream:

a.      Sara:

1.      What does Sara mean in saying “I’ve been too considerate?” and “in spite of your knowledge, you don’t really know anything.”

2.      How do you interpret Borg’s words, “I wanted to scream until my lungs were bloody.

b.      The examination:

1.      What kind of examination is taking place?

2.      Interpret the following dream elements:

1.      “A doctor’s first duty is to ask forgiveness”

2.      “You are guilty of guilt”

3.      The dead patient

4.      The conclusion: “you’re incompetent”

c.       The scene in the forest:

1.      Why is the woman so reluctant to submit to the man pursuing her?  Is it just play?

2.      How does Borg’s wife see her husband

3.      What does Alman mean in saying that “Everything has been dissected, Professor”?