The Three Paths and the Bhagavadgita



1.     The Three Paths:

a.     Three paths of the Bhagvad Gita: a typology of Hindu traditions

                                                 i.      The path of action - karmamarga

                                               ii.      The path of mystical knowledge - jnanamarga

                                            iii.      The path of devotion - bhaktimarga

b.     Two general emphases in the Hindu traditions

                                                 i.      World maintaining

                                               ii.      World renouncing

2.     The Bhagavad Gita

a.     Arjuna’s dilemma: a conflict of dharmas

b.     Krishna’s counsel

                                                 i.      Do your dharma

                                               ii.      Focus on the self

                                            iii.      Action in the world is superior to renunciation

                                            iv.      The proper attitude toward one’s actions is what makes the difference

c.      Two central points:

                                                 i.      Niskamakarma: action without attachment to the fruits of one’s actions

                                               ii.      Focus one’s attachments and love on God (Krishna)



1.     Nishkamakarma

2.     Sanyasa

3.     Dharma



1.     Describe the general characteristics of each of the three paths of Hinduism

2.     Explain the two central points of the Bhagavadgita