Response Paper 7


Please compose a 2-3 page paper in which you respond to the assigned selections from the New Testament,
as found in Eastman

In preparing this assignment, be sure to do the following:


1.     Read over the textual passages very carefully, thinking about what they might mean, how the writing style is different from (a) the Qur’an, and (b) the Upanishad (we have read selections from both texts in Eastman).

2.     Describe what strikes or puzzles you overall about the passages

3.     Pick one passage and write about what you think it means

I will evaluate the papers according to whether they reflect (a) an careful reading and comparison and (b) some serious reflection about the reading.  Papers that do both will receive full points (20).


Papers will receive either a 0 (no points), (14 points) or √+ (20 points).


The paper should be 2-3 pages long (typed), double-spaced with 12 point font and 1” margins.  It should be well written and carefully checked for spelling and grammatical errors.  Late response papers will not be accepted. 
Please check the syllabus for the policy on lateness due to computer failure.