About the Traditions Exams


Each of the three tradition exams can cover anything that we have studied on that particular tradition.  It will require you to draw on knowledge gained from the lectures, readings, and videos.  Questions will gravitate towards the materials that have been emphasized in class, but they will also address readings that we did not cover in the classroom.  Thus it is important to review all of your materials.


The tradition exams will be composed of four kinds of questions:


1.    Image Identification: in which you will be asked to identify an image and say something of its significance.

2.    Definition: in which you are asked to define a key term

3.    Short Answer:  these questions can cover anything in the course materials.

4.    Medium-Length Essay: here I will give you one or two essay questions and ask you to answer two of them.


Please note that, for the essay questions, you are expected to know and use the appropriate terms (dharma, nirvana, bodhisattva, pure land, etc.).  In grading the exams, I will look carefully at your use and understanding of these terms and the basic concepts that they denote.


Please see the syllabus for the point value of the exams.