Religions of India Study Tour:
A Himalayan Odyssey

June 8 to 26, 2012

An eighteen day intensive study tour of India that will introduce students to the culture and Hindu religious traditions of India in the Northwest Himalayan regions and along the sacred river Ganges.  Students will follow high-altitude pilgrimage trails to the Hindu temple of Kedarnath (right). They will spend two days with the Hindu residents of a remote and beautiful Himalayan village, visit yoga centers, ashrams, temples,and encounter world-renouncing holy men in the sacred city of Rishikesh.


o deepen your knowledge of India (and by extension the world) and its great cultural diversity

To expand your awareness of religious world views, practices, architecture, art, literatures and lifestyles.

To have an unforgettable, fun, challenging, eye-opening, and (hopefully) life-changing experience, all amidst some of the most spectacular mountain peaks on the planet.

Tour Leaders:

Daniel Meckel (right) is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at St. Mary's. He specializes in the religions of India and does ethnographic research in the Indian Himalayas. Scott Sater (left) is a teacher and Director of Bands in Shakopee, Minnesota. His passion for the mountains and expertise in trekking has taken him to multiple locations in the Indian Himalayas.







A Himalayan Village







Projected cost of the tour is $3800.
This covers tuition, airfare, lodgings, ground transportation, expedition services, travel insurance, and several meals. It does not cover immunizations, visa, personal expenses, or medications. Payment will be made in three installments: an initial $100 is due at the time of application to reserve a space on the tour; a second payment of $3700 minus the cost of airfare (to be determined) is due by March 1st. Students will pay for arifare online through Student Universe. The deadline for this payment will be announced in February. Please see our refund policy.

Students will register for the study tour as a Summer course, worth 4 credit hours. We will meet twice a week for two weeks prior to departure. Students will keep journals throughout the adventure and write a ten-page paper after returning, due at the beginning of Fall semester.

For more information, contact Daniel Meckel Tel: 301-240-4464

To apply for the tour, download the application form below. Once accepted onto the tour, the initial $100 deposit is non-refundable, unless the tour is cancelled.

Application form

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